Braces for Children, Teenagers, and Adults as well as Adult Surgical
Welcome to our website.  We look forward to sharing information
about our office and orthodontic treatment.  Our motto is:  "A
beautiful smile is a lifetime investment!".   The success of our
practice is a team effort.  With the parent, patient, the doctor and the
staff working together, we can achieve the best results possible.  
Some quick facts about our office:

  • We are a Military Provider and accept active duty and retired
    military insurances.

  • We accept most types of insurances and we are in network for
    many.  For example, we are In Network for Dentemax and
    Humana CompBenefits (Federal Dental Advantage Plan) for
    Federal Employees.

  We have
  1. Low Down payments;
  2. Low Monthly payments;    
  3. Convenient Office Payment Plans;
  4. Free Initial Consultations; AND
  5. Great customer service and patient satisfaction!!!

  Our office makes braces affordable!!

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Services we provide:

Phase One Treatment
    (Ages 6-10)
    When a number of baby teeth are still present, treatment can be started to correct severe overbites,
    crossbites, thumb sucking or tongue-thrusting habits.  Growth modification appliances can be used
    when jaw modification is indicated.

    Full Orthodontic Treatment (Phase Two)
    (Ages 8 & Up)
    Braces are used to treat teeth that are too crowded and smiles that have too much spacing as well
    as overbites, underbites, crossbites, etc.  

If retainers are not worn properly, teeth will relapse.  

We replace lost retainers for a fee.  

    Observation in our Recall System
    If a patient is examined, but not ready for treatment, he or she is placed under observation and
    recalled every 3-6 months to monitor growth and development.   There is no charge for an
    observation visit.

    Oral Hygiene Instruction
    We are very concerned that your oral health be maintained while you are in braces.  A great
    emphasis is placed on oral hygiene throughout treatment.  We strongly advise that you visit your
    general or pediatric dentist every 3-6 months during the course of treatment.

    Monthly Progress Reports
         We provide a Progress Report every visit to let the patient and parent know :
                           Patient Cooperation Since Last Appointment             
                           Treatment Procedures Performed Today
                           Patient Instructions for the Next 30 days

    Your First Visit To Our Office

    Initial Examination:

    Your first visit will be a comprehensive oral examination.  This is a great opportunity to get
    acquainted with our doctor and his staff.  The doctor will ask you why you don't like your smile.  He
    will then tell you how he is going to fix the problem.   We would like for you to leave our office with
    the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the orthodontic problem and will it require treatment?
  • When is the best time to begin treatment?
  • How long will the treatment take?
  • What is a palatal expander, headgear, distal jet ?
  • What about pain?
  • How do I brush my teeth with braces on?
  • Does my diet change?
  • What are retainers and how long will I wear them?
  • What is the estimated cost and what office payment plans are available?

    This is a great time to ask the Doctor or Staff any questions that you may have.   As a courtesy to you
    and your dentist, there is no charge for your initial exam.  

    It is important that you bring your Insurance Card to this appointment.  The Office manager will tell
    you what your co-pay is after the insurance has been deducted.  I

    Diagnostic Records and Consultation:

    If your initial examination indicates that you need treatment, we then arrange for complete
    diagnostic records. During this one-hour appointment, we will take x-rays, photographs and
    impressions of your teeth and a wax bite to obtain the relationship of your jaws.  A complete
    diagnosis is based on these records.  The Doctor will not treat you until he takes Records.  If you are
    transferring from another Orthodontist, Records will be taken again.   A detailed treatment plan will
    be discussed with you a month later at the Spacer/Treatment Plan appointment.

    Getting Your Braces

    About a week after the spacers are placed, bands are cemented over the back teeth.  Brackets will
    be bonded on the remaining teeth.  Archwires are then fastened to the bands and the brackets.  
    None of these procedures are painful.  Depending on the individual case, upper and lower braces
    may be applied at separate times.  Monthly checks-ups will be followed to adjust the archwires and
    replace the elastics.  The patient gets to choose two colors of elastics every month.  These monthly
    adjustments will change the pressure on the teeth so that they can move into the right places.  
    Orthodontics is not only a financial investment.  It is also an investment of your time.

    Our Financial Policy

    Fees for treatment are based on the severity or complexity of your orthodontic problem. A discount
    is given for full payment at the initiation of treatment. However, most patients pay the fee during the
    time of their treatment. (There is no finance charge and no interest charges). Payments are made
    monthly, whether appointments are kept and/or missed.  

    We realize that temporary financial problems may effect timely monthly payments on your account. If
    such problems do arise, please do not ignore your bill and our correspondences.  Instead, contact
    us promptly for assistance in management of your account.   


    We will complete all filing of your insurance forms.  We make every effort to help you receive your
    maximum orthodontic benefits from your insurance company.   With your cooperation, we are always
    successful.  While filing insurance claims is a courtesy that we extend to our patients, you must

  • Your contract is a contract between you, your employer, and the insurance company.
  • Insurance may pay all, some, or none of you bill. You proportion is due prior to and at the time
    services are rendered. All insurances pay monthly during the course of treatment.  There is never a
    lump sum payment.  If your insurance does not finish paying before the braces are removed, you will
    be billed for the unpaid balance.  
  • Not all services are covered benefits in all contracts. Some companies arbitrarily select certain
    services they will not cover. Please familiarize yourself with your insurance coverage. Benefits do
    vary.  We will call your insurance company during the Initial Exam so that you and our office are on
    the same page.

    We must emphasize that as a health care provider, our relationship is with you and not your
    insurance company.

    If your have any questions about information or uncertainty regarding insurance coverage, PLEASE
    do not hesitate to ask questions. We are here to help you!
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